With your support, we are able to work alongside individuals with disabilities as they become fully integrated into our community.


While many of our programs are partially funded, donations from our community are crucial to the continued success of ICS.


$100 provides a client with 2 Job Development sessions

$200 covers the cost of 2 weeks of Job Coaching

$300 pays for 1 person to participate in our GEM training program

$500 provides 1 month of Independent Living Skills Training



Community Testimonials


"We are immensely proud of Chris’ many accomplishments and role of his incredible ICS support team. We are humbled by the dedication, individual attention, compassion, patience and encouragement given to Chris by every member of ICS."

"But I just wanted to make sure you know that Chris is not the only beneficiary of ICS’ services. Since you became his day in and day out support team, my husband and I have been given a whole new life. Words cannot describe the feeling of having free time to ourselves, not worrying about and scrambling to deal with all of Chris’ day-to-day work and home-life needs, and even not having to schedule doctor’s appointments. Your services have been therapeutic for us as well in so many ways. Thank you for being guardian angels for our whole family."

- Lisa & Michael


"Mark moved to San Rafael with family in 2003. He became involved with the Marin Brain Injury Network, then Golden Gate Regional Center and Integrated Community Services."

"I cannot say enough praise for how much they helped our family. ICS helped Mark with daily living skills so he could live in his own apartment. They found him employment and provided on-the-job coaching to learn necessary skills and maintain this employment. When he became ill and could not work for a few years they provided immense daily help. The help and insight of the great people at ICS gave him the support he needed to stay independent in his apartment and return to work as soon as he was able. They even helped him to buy a bike for transportation to his new job."

"Everyone we have met at ICS has gone way beyond just “providing care.” We are so impressed with the compassion, skill and patience they demonstrate. They give so many clients and families hope and belief that life can be richer for our loved ones. Mark is certainly having a much better life with ICS involvement. Our whole family is so grateful!"

- Kit