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After a client is hired by an employer in Marin County, Job Coaches provide 1:1 support for those individuals as they learn the ropes of their new job and become an independent, integrated employee. Job Coaches have the exciting opportunity to provide support in a wide range of employment settings, from the IT department at City Hall to the kitchen at Nordstrom's Blue Stove restaurant.

We are offering both full and part time positions, $16-18/hr. Because our clients need support at different times, weekday, evening and weekend shifts are available. Location of work will vary between the ICS office and client work sites in Marin County.

Employee Benefits


  • CaliforniaChoice health insurance, 100% paid for by employer (able to add spouse or family member, paid for by employee)

  • Ameritas dental insurance, 100% paid for by employer

  • $50 monthly cell phone reimbursement plus expenses and gas mileage reimbursement

  • Paid sick days, paid holidays, vacation PTO accural, paid bereavement leave

  • Two additional days of PTO each year

  • 401k and FSA plan enrollment available

  • Benefits paid by ICS total approximately $1,500/month for full-time employees


  • $25/month cell phone reimbursement plus expenses and gas mileage reimbursement

  • Paid sick days and paid bereavement leave

  • Paid holidays based on regularly scheduled work hours

  • One additional day of PTO each year


  • Coach multiple clients throughout the week at various job sites

  • Attend new employee training sessions with your client

  • Observe and evaluate your client at work, providing constructive feedback

  • Act as a support for not only your client but also the employer, and assist both parties in communicating with one another

  • Train your client in all skills necessary to perform the job, including: vocational skills, transportation training, safety training, social skills, accessing community resources, money management, behavior management, social security, etc.

  • Complete all required forms on time


  • Mission-aligned: promotes diversity and is excited to work alongside people with disabilities

  • Adaptable: thrives in a fast-paced work environment, flexible in work schedule and assignments

  • Responsive: a proactive communicator who answers calls and emails in a timely manner

  • Accountable: takes responsibility for their actions and is open to constructive feedback

  • Self-managed: stays on top of assignments, appointments and calendar

  • Compassionate: approaches all situations with openness, positivity and curiosity


  • Basic computer literacy, specifically with Gmail and Microsoft Office

  • Excellent verbal and written skills

  • Valid California driver's license with proof of insurance required, background check will be conducted

What's Next?

After you apply, we will schedule a phone screening if we feel you’re a strong candidate for the position. Next, we’ll conduct an in-person interview with relevant staff/supervisors. After the interview, regardless of our decision we will be in touch with you promptly.

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