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Job / ILS Trainer

Job duties

The Job Trainer will accompany ICS clients to their job site in the community, in order to train and support them as the client learns their role. The Job Trainer guides the client in areas such as how to complete the duties of a job, how to prioritize tasks, how to communicate with managers and co-workers, and how to get transportation to and from work. A Job Trainer's involvement with each client gradually fades as the client becomes comfortable in their job. Job Trainers will have a multiple client case load.

As a Job Trainer, you must build and maintain relationships with client's employer and co-workers, in order to build natural supports for the client.

Job Trainers will also work with clients on Independent Living Skills (ILS) at the client's home or out in the community. Some ILS training includes money management, cooking, cleaning, shopping and/or helping the client increase social activities.

Job Trainers must also write monthly reports on the client's work or ILS progress.


ideal candidate

Professional and personal experience working with people with disabilities is preferred. However, anyone with a sincere interest to serve this population is welcome to apply.  This position is ideal for an employee considering a future career as a social worker, rehabilitation counselor and/or advocate. Positive attitude, excellent verbal/written communication and a willingness to collaborate are highly valued.



  • High School Diploma required
  • Candidates must be resourceful, adaptable and able to work within deadlines
  • Valid California Driver's license with proof of insurance required; background check
  • Must pass background and reference check
  • Willingness to be flexible in work schedule assignments when needed



  • Full or part time positions available
  • Work schedule is highly flexible and could include nights, weekends or overnights depending on the employee's preference
  • $14-$16/hr, depending on experience


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