GEM equips participants with the transferable skills and work experience needed to be successful in future employment.


GEM is a garden-based, vocational training program located in San Rafael that provides paid job-training for individuals with disabilities. From sowing the seeds to selling the produce, GEM participants learn about horticulture through direct, firsthand experience. Participants work closely with supervisors to acquire the job skills needed to be ready for competitive employment. 

Our GEM program is comprised of 3 phases.


1. Situational Assessment

For the first 40 hours of GEM, job coaches observe the participant's strengths, areas needing improvement, as well as discuss long-term vocational goals with the participant.

2. Work

Next, the participant develops their job skills with the support of their supervisors and co-workers. The duration of the WA period depends on the person's readiness for employment.

3. Job

If the participant is ready for work after graduating from GEM, they will partner with an ICS job developer to find employment, explained on our Employment Services page.

GEM participants build skills crucial for future employment.


time management

Computer Literacy



Work Stamina


Following instructions



Coming Soon:
Growing Gems CSA program

GEM has just launched its very own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Growing Gems. Community members can purchase "shares" of our CSA program, and in return they will receive boxes of fresh produce straight from our garden. This program will create numerous learning opportunities for GEM participants, including in-depth computer training, the ability to work with a wide variety of plants and increased experience in customer service. 

The CSA program is still in the pilot phase, but we hope to open enrollment to the public in 2018.

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Eligibility and Contact Information

GEM is available to all individuals with any sort of disability who are interested in work readiness training. You can become a GEM participant through three methods:

  • A referral to the program by the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).
  • A referral to the program by the County of Marin Behavioral Health Recovery Services.
  • Paying privately through our Private Case Management program.


Still have a few questions? Contact the
GEM Director.

Josh Milstein
(415) 455-8481