Since 1994, ICS has built relationships that create an inclusive community for people with disabilities in Marin County. 

We partner with 300+ people with any type of disability on their path to independence: from building a career, to securing housing and learning crucial life skills, to becoming active in their community.

Through one-on-one coaching with our clients at work, in their homes and throughout Marin, we empower people with disabilities to make their own choices, integrate into their community and live independently.

We have over 60 staff including Job Coaches, Independent Living Skills Trainers and Employment Counselors who partner with our clients and their families, local businesses, and other agencies to build a thriving community where people with disabilities are active, equal members.

Our Impact

Who We Serve

ICS is unique in that we work with individuals with any type of disability. This includes mental health diagnoses, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, substance use challenges, physical, visual, cognitive and hearing impairments. ICS serves over 300 individuals each year throughout Marin County. 

Our Values as an Organization

Partnership. Equity. Integration.


Partnership: We work alongside the people we serve and our community as equally accountable partners in achieving our mission.

Equity: We treat the people we serve as whole, autonomous individuals, and recognize their right to choose how they want to live their life. 

Integration: We believe that when people with disabilities are fully integrated and visible members of our community, it creates a more diverse and prosperous community for us all.


Our Values as Staff

Accountability. Self Management. Adaptability. Humanity.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and consequences, and welcome constructive feedback.

Self Management: We seek guidance when needed, and demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness.

Adaptability: We are always flexible and open to taking on new responsibilities.

Humanity: We approach situations with openness and curiosity, and we interact with respect, kindness and compassion.