"I have been blessed with amazing clientele, parents, staff, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, employers, board members, funders, sponsors and fabulous friends. I am totally amazed of how ICS has grown since 1994. It has developed into a well respected service provider, cherished by so many who know and utilize our resources."

Donna Lemmon founded Integrated Community Services in 1994 on the premise that everyone has the right to live as independently as possible. Opening the doors with only 1 employee and 1 client, Donna grew ICS to serve hundreds of people each year with the help of over 40 staff. Her 21 years of service to ICS and to Marin County are deeply appreciated by all of those who know her. Though Donna has retired from ICS, she still works with clients and continues to provide support and mentorship to the organization.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2018.jpg

Kari Peterson, President
Data Analyst
Hass School of Business

Kevin Price, Vice President
Retired Partner
Ernst & Young


Orlee Dykan
Product Manager
Uber Advanced Technology Group

Alexis Lynch
Law Office of Alexis Lynch 

Erin O'Malley
Civil and Disability Rights

Janet Miller
Claims Vice President
Republic Indemnity

Alyson Paine
Marketing Director, Office 365

Leigh Oshirak Schuberth
Strategic Business Advisor

Patti Stadlin
Community Volunteer & Fundraiser
Multiple Programs

Management Team


"The idea of "the strength of diversity" has always sounded good to me but it wasn’t until I saw it in practice at ICS, that I fully understood how powerful, dynamic and successful inclusivity can be. I love ICS and feel so fortunate to be a part of a team that is fearless in building strong, equitable relationships with people with disabilities and our Marin community to create a thriving place for us all to live."

Prior to joining ICS as Executive Director, Abby worked across sectors; from an anti-poverty nonprofit as a fundraiser to a private equity firm as a researcher. Abby is a Marin native that has been a part of the ICS family since 2010. She is excited to bring the passion for systems change advocacy she gained while studying Disability Studies at UC Berkeley along with her love for change-making storytelling to the work she is doing with ICS and our community. When Abby isn’t at work or school, you can find her either behind a book or in front of a fancy cheese plate.



"Working with the disability community has been a part of my life for the past 24 years. I am proud to work for an organization whose mission it is to strengthen this community while encouraging those unfamiliar with disability to see the beauty and brilliance in diversity."

Lisa received her BA from UCLA in Jewish Studies, and her MS in Counseling from San Francisco State, with specializations in both Rehabilitation and Marriage and Family. Prior to joining the ICS team, Lisa facilitated support groups for parents of children with disabilities at Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center. Lisa joined ICS 19 years ago as a key figure in the Employment Services program, which she now manages. After work and on weekends Lisa enjoys the outdoors and hiking.



"I love the "out of the box" approach to partnering with clients -pulling on other resources within the community, connecting with others to develop strategies and ways for people to reach their goals. When people are heard and supported they bloom; life expands, in work, at home and with others."

Irene's passion for mental health services started when she was a child, growing up with a brother who had physical and psychological disabilities. Irene received her BA in Psychology, from the University of San Francisco and her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling specializing in Mental Health, from SF State. For nearly 10 years Irene volunteered as a Vocational Consultant with the County of Marin Volunteer Job Coach Program. Irene has been part of the ICS team for 20 years, and supervises the Community Mental Health programs. Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing has been one of Irene's passions for over 30 years.

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"There are many barriers to and difficulties in living in the community for people with disabilities. What is especially exciting about the work here is that we are often a part of big changes in people's lives, such as moving out and getting a first job. It is very satisfying to help people undertake these transitions, and to see how much they can grow from their endeavors."

Michael's received his BA in Psychology from Oberlin College, then went on to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West. For 7 years Michael worked at Lifehouse as the Supported Living Program Manager, all the while retaining a part time Chiropractic practice. Michael is currently attending Northcentral University working towards his MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, and has been part of ICS for 6 years. In winter you can find Michael skiing, a hobby which he hopes to teach his children as they get older.


GEM Director

"Working at ICS has greatly expanded my sense of the true meaning integration. At GEM, we work to create an environment where our clients feel connected to their work and to their community; we root for each other and share in each other's success; and we partner with our clients to help them achieve their goals."

Josh received his BA in Literature from Hampshire College, and his MA in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School. After Chicago, Josh returned to Hampshire College where he taught in the Humanities Department. Josh joined the ICS team in 2015, and has greatly enjoyed his transition into the world of social services. In his free time, Josh can be found trail running in the Berkeley Hills, doing his best to outrun mountain lions and other large felines.      


Kathy Roshan Moreno
ILS Program Manager

“I am so proud to be a part of the ICS team, where we strive to build an inclusive community, we value diversity and we work together to eliminate discrimination. It is so important that each person has the ability to be a part of their own decision making process, empowering them to foster and develop their unique abilities.”  

Kathy graduated from Humboldt State University with a BA in International Studies. It was there that she found her passion for working in the non-profit sector and began her work with individuals with disabilities. After working as a Program Manager for the ARC of Contra Costa for several years, Kathy found ICS by luck of meeting an ICS client and job coach out in the community in 2010, and she’s been in the ICS family ever since. Kathy enjoys spending time with her family, friends, being out in nature and checking out the art and music events that the Bay Area has to offer. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.56.18 AM.png

"Diversity opens the door to new perspectives, fuels innovation and strengthens our communities. That's at the core of our mission and one of the things I love most about ICS, how we bring our community together and create an inclusive space where everyone can thrive."

Keira has worked in the nonprofit sector since graduating from the University of Florida where she studied Marketing and English. From AmeriCorps, to teaching job-readiness skills to individuals experiencing homelessness, to managing development at ICS, her passion for empowering others is foremost in her career. Joining the team in 2016, Keira's goal has been to harnesses the resources in our community to make lasting, meaningful impact for the people ICS serves. A lover of travel, house plant enthusiast and amateur rockhound, Keira always has an adventure up her sleeve.


Amanda Barnes

"I've always believed that every person you meet in life has something to teach you, and ICS' value of equity is so in line with that. Recognizing an individual with a disability as a whole person with valuable knowledge and experience is the cornerstone to seeing real integration. I am proud to work for an organization that sincerely believes in this." 

Amanda has been an advocate for individuals with disabilities all of her life. From volunteering at summer camps to working as a teacher's assistant in special education classes, her passion for empowering the disability community has been with her since her little sister was born. Amanda began her administrative career in the private sector before she had the opportunity to work for a nonprofit. She brought her skills in operations to ICS in 2017. Come summertime you'll always find Amanda out on a boat with her family enjoying all the CA delta has to offer.


Elaine Blakeley
Employment Specialist

“The best part of my job is getting to know each client. As we embark together on the task of job search, I get to learn all about each client's hobbies, interests and former work experience. In doing so, I have learned so much, from old book restoration, to radio transistor clubs, to caring for horses, to fan-fiction.”

Elaine received her BA from San Jose State University in Clinical Psychology, then worked with youth in residential treatment programs and employment services. After volunteering for Outward Bound Romania through Peace Corps, she completed her MA in International Policy Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies. Next, Elaine turned her focus to combating human trafficking and the spread of HIV/AIDS internationally. She joined ICS in 2016 with an excitement to return to work with people with disabilities in direct services. You can catch Elaine on most occasions swimming and paddle boarding around our beautiful Bay.