Employment is a key part of financial independence, mental health and participating
in your community.

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Our employment services are comprised of 4 phases:


1. Job Preparation

We begin by researching the current job market and exploring the job seeker’s experience and employment goals. We provide assistance in resume and cover letter writing, interview skills training and job searching strategies.

3. Job Placement

Once hired, ICS continues to provide support for the employee and their supervisors. We train employers on how to provide natural supports for their new employee, and provide guidance should any questions arise.

2. Job Development

Our job developers build relationships with local employers to create opportunities for job seekers. The job seeker plays an active role in exploring these opportunities to determine the best fit for employment.

4. Job Coaching

Job coaches provide on the job support as the individual learns the ropes of their new job. A job coach’s involvement will vary based on the individual’s needs, and will gradually fade as the employee becomes comfortable in their role.

Learn more about our Employment Programs by watching our documentary, Jenny’s Story.


Job Training Programs

Need a little more experience before looking for a job in the community?

For individuals who have never worked before or have had difficulty keeping a job, we recommend job readiness training before exploring competitive employment.

The purpose of this training is to develop the skills needed to succeed in a future job. Our training focuses on job skills, such as using a computer or shelving merchandise, as well as interpersonal skills, like communication and work stamina.

Business + Horticulture

Our garden-based training program, GEM, offers
valuable experience in all aspects of managing a small business while providing hands-on horticulture training.

Retail Training

We partner with TJX Companies (TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls) to offer retail training in locations throughout Marin.

Production Work

In partnership with the local yogurt company Slingshot Foods, participants are part of a production team that assembles products for distribution.

Clerical Training

Participants learn administrative duties at the ICS office, or at the office of a partner company throughout the Bay Area.

Eligibility and Contact Information

To be considered for ICS's Employment Services, a job seeker must be a person with a disability who wants to work, lives in Marin County and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Be receiving services through the California State Department of Rehabilitation.

  • Be receiving services through the County of Marin Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

  • Be a student in high school or the post secondary program involved with the Transition Partnership Program through Marin County Office of Education.

  • Pay privately through our Private Case Management services.


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