Qualification for government funding should never be a barrier for someone to receive the services they need. At ICS, it isn't.

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In the 20+ years ICS has been providing services in Marin County, we have noticed that there are some individuals who would like to receive our services, but have difficulty enrolling in government funding sources due to ineligibility, difficulty navigating the system or they would simply prefer to work directly with ICS. To fill this gap, ICS has created a range of services to offer to anyone seeking support on a private pay basis. 

ICS offers private pay services for:

If you aren't sure which services are right for you,
We can explore your options together.

If a person has little work experience, or is unsure how ICS can best partner with them, we provide a 10 hour Discovery Assessment that is unique to our Private Case Management program. This assessment provides our staff with a comprehensive analysis of the person’s interests and skills, which shape the employment and living action plan for that individual.

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