COPE: Co-Occurring Peer Education

COPE is an educational training program for people with lived experiences with mental health and/or substance use challenges to gain the skills and knowledge to become peer service providers. Graduates receive a certificate not only from ICS, but also the County of Marin, as well as assistance in obtaining internships or job placements in the behavioral health field. Enrollment in COPE is funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).

COPE is a 9-month program consisting of a 3 month Peer Counseling course and a 6 month Peer Specialist course.

Peer Counseling

  • An interactive course that establishes the basic communication skills necessary to work with behavioral health clients, primarily through group discussions and role playing
  • Key concepts: active listening, facilitation and empowerment

Peer Specialist

  • Teaches the necessary concepts, diagnoses and treatments for students to succeed as peer providers
  • Develops competencies in both mental health and substance use disorders

Please contact to enroll.

Eligibility and Contact Information

To be eligible for ICS' COPE educational program a person must have lived experiences with mental health and/or substance use challenges, either past or present, personal or with a family member.


Terry Fierer, M.A.
(415) 634-8381

Still have a few questions? Contact our
COPE Program Director.