New CSA Program at GEM

For the past few years our garden job-training program, GEM, has been selling produce and succulents at the Corte Madera Farmer's Market every Wednesday. While the farmer's market helps GEM participants gain skills in customer service, we are limited by it's size and visibility within the community. That is why beginning in January, GEM will be changing gears from the farmer's market and launching a CSA program!

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a way for people in the community to get involved with local farms. People around Marin County will be able to subscribe to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery of produce from GEM. We believe that the CSA program will really boost the skills that GEM participants are trained in, including customer service, horticulture and clerical work. These skills are a great boost for resumes, and will help participants in future employment.

If you are interested in learning more about GEM's CSA program, please contact our GEM Director, Josh Milstein, at