Kevin at Raptor Pharmeceuticals

Kevin started working at Raptor Pharmaceuticals in September 2015 as a Facilities Clerk. Before working at Raptor, Kevin worked at PF Changs for 4 years, but felt unfulfilled by his work. He wanted a new job with opportunity for growth and purpose.

Kevin was frustrated with the job searching process and spoke with an ICS job developer and job trainer to help him in him find new employment. The interview and hiring processes at Raptor happened very quickly, and Kevin grew nervous about leaving his comfortable position at PF Changs. Kevin's job trainer worked with him as he learned the duties of his job, and became more comfortable in his new role and company. 

When Kevin was hired at Raptor, he was working 15 hours per week. As Kevin learned his new job and became more comfortable with his work environment, he began taking initiative, completing tasks without needing a supervisor to direct him. Kevin interacted well with his coworkers and didn't shy away from their clerical needs when they asked for his help. Kevin's weekly hours and job tasks gradually increased as a result. Kevin now works over 30 hours per week, and is receiving a full benefits package. He bounces between both of Raptor's offices, distributing his time appropriately in order to complete his daily work load. No longer intimidated by his work environment, he loves the work he is doing and the trust and rapport he has built with his supervisors.