The Power of Employment


In the 10 years since Crissy began working with ICS, her skills and aptitude at work have truly blossomed. From 2011-2017, Crissy honed marketable skills such as communication, teamwork and  time management at various retail jobs. With strong work experience under her belt, Crissy approached ICS for assistance in finding a new job that would continue to elevate her skills and have room for professional growth.

ICS began a partnership with Republic Indemnity, a Workers' Compensation insurance company located in San Francisco. Republic Indemnity needed support with administrative tasks such as faxing, scanning and data entry that were taking considerable time from staff. ICS knew that Crissy's attention to detail would be a great fit for this job, and after an interview, Crissy was hired last August.


"At first it was a little scary, but now I feel really comfortable and want to keep learning. My job coach, Jenny, has really helped me become comfortable in my job, especially at the beginning as I was learning new tasks. I really like my co-workers, they're very helpful and so nice. I also like working in the city- I don't mind the commute. I want to grow with the company." -Crissy

Crissy has become a vital part of the Republic Indemnity team. Two days per week she takes the bus from her home in Marin to the office in San Francisco, and manages the administrative tasks for her department. Crissy has made such an impact that Republic Indemnity has now hired a second ICS client, Jason, who has also become an invaluable addition to their team.

Crissy and Republic Indemnity are a shining example of the partnerships that ICS creates in the community. When people with disabilities are active, equal members, it fuels innovation, boosts our economy and broadens our perspective. Diversity and inclusion are a win for all of us.

"Crissy is an integral part of our team. She is hard working and brings an amazing attitude. We all have our own individual differences and strengths which brings balance to any team . Everyone contributes to our goals and Crissy brings an important set of skills that elevate our entire team to an even higher level of performance. Although Crissy has only been with us a short time so far, she already had an amazing impact on the entire team."

- Janet, Vice President Claims