Gabriela's Path to Independence

Gabriela began working with ICS eight years ago after her mother passed away. She needed support around moving past the hardship and learning to live on her own, and Abby Yim, now our Executive Director, began working with Gabriela through our ILS program.

Together, Gabriela and Abby worked on goals like cooking healthy meals (Gabriela still uses a salmon recipe Abby introduced her to) as well as getting organized and cleaning. This support continued as Gabriela got two new roommates and needed guidance troubleshooting challenges that arose from time to time. In time, Gabriela became independent in her own house.

"ICS has helped me become independent and achieve my goals at home and at work.

I love the programs I’m in and the staff are so wonderful. There’s always a person to talk to when I need it.”

- Gabriela

ICS also began working with Gabriela around employment. She was working at Safeway at the time but her mobility became a pressing concern, so ICS began looking for a job that would better suit her. As Gabriela said, “it’s hard to find a job where you don’t have to stand up or work at a computer.” ICS found her a position at Slingshot Foods doing assembly work where she can sit down for the whole shift, no computers necessary.

Gabriela’s brother-in-law has also played a large role in her life, helping her over the years with budgeting and financial literacy. Her family is at the center of her support system. 

Today, Gabriela feels confident in her skills, her home and her job, and that’s at the core of ICS’ mission. We are an independence empowerment organization. Whether at home, at work or out in the community, our mission is to partner with our clients and their families as they travel down the path to independence.

Thank you, Gabriela, for partnering with us for the past eight years! We feel lucky to have you as part of the ICS family, and we look forward to many more years working together.